Subscription Plans


How Can I subscribe and how subscription works?

You can subscribe to any of our plans by clicking the plans section on the menu. You can also access our pricing plans by clicking here.

CastPros offers three types of subscriptions; Starter, The Podcaster and Premium. Each of our plans have different benefits and features included deepening on what you are looking to get in your podcast.  The Stater plan is the most simple yet attractive to our customers, it includes the professional editing and mixing and there is not minimum month requirements. However, our Podcaster and Premium plans have a higher quality of features and benefits that required a commitment of 6 to 12 months. 

At Podtastik we are flexible and understand that life can go sideways, if you'll like to use our services but find our plans out of your budget communicate with us right away and we will customize a plan for your needs.

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