How Does Podtastik Works?


What is Podtastik?

Podtastik is a full service podcast production brand. Podcasting is a growing industry in Connecticut and nationwide, we love the idea of everybody having their own voice and show but not all of us have the gear and knowledge to do so.


This is where Podtastik comes into play, we offer services from just recording audio to full production of your future podcast. Podtastik believes that anybody can do podcasting without having that technical knowledge, if you want a podcast you should be able to host one, is that simple.

But How Does Podtastik Works? Well simple, if you are ready to start your own podcast subscribe to one of our plans and we will get in contact with you immediately form there we will meet either in person or video chat and we will get to know each other. Podtastik team loves the idea of family and collaborations, we identity with out customers and love to be part of their journey wether that is a political, mystery or life themed podcasts.

Once you are subscribe, you'll be able to log into your account and let us know what days works best for you to record, the available dates will be matched with our team availability, yes is that simple!

From there, you'll come into our studio and start your first podcast session. 

Are you ready to start your own podcast story? We are and cannot wait to be part of it!

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