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General Information


What is Podtastik?

Podtastik is a full service podcast production brand. Podcasting is a growing industry in Connecticut and nationwide, we love the idea of everybody having their own voice and show but not all of us have the gear and knowledge to do so. This is where Podtastik comes into play, we offer services from just recording audio to full production of your future podcast.  

Can I just record my podcast audio with Podtastik?

Yes, you absolutely can! At the moment, we do not offer a plan for just audio recording but you can absolutely use our studio to record. If you'll like to record your podcast audio with us send us an email to

How often can I record my podcast episodes

You can record as much episodes as you want. Our subscription services give you the opportunity to do so, we provide the help and guidance in how to plan episodes, guest apperances , outlines and much more. 

How long can I record my episodes?

A typical podcast episode ranges between 25-50 minutes. Some episodes depending on the program can last up to 1 hour but it is very rare. Depending on the subscription plan chosen, you can have up to unlimited time to record your episodes. To see suscription plans click here

Where is Podtastik located?

Podtastik's office/studio is located in Hamden, Connecticut

Can I record from home? 

Yes! If you choose our Premium plan you get to record your episodes from anywhere you'll like

it could be from home, office, beach, country club, anywhere!

Can I have sponsors in my podcasts?

Yes, you can! Although, we will not check, we will not be held liable on your ads or sponsor segments. 

Do I get charged for hosting my podcast?

No, we charged you for production, post-production, mixing, and other premium features.

Can I upload my audio and Podtastik will edit it?

Yes, you can record you audio from computer or phone and upload it to your account. Since CastPro did not produced the audio, we are not responsible for the quality of the audio. Although, we will make all we can to clean and remove any noise from your audio submitted.

Can I do a live podcast?

No at this time, we are currently working to provide such service and other features to our plans.

Before anything, we want to make sure the quality and security is good.

Can I get my podcast analytics?

Yes, we offer you a monthly analytics report on how is your podcast doing on your preferred platforms.

Where is my podcast going to be live?

Your podcast can be availble in a different number of sites such as Spotify, Google Podcast, Apple Podcasts and so on. We will ask you which platforms would you like to be and we will make I happen.

Can I do a video podcast?

Yes, you can! Our video podcast is only available in our Premium Plan, to get more information about our plans contact us

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